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Dean, Zicklin School of Business

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“Most of the successful
people I've known are the
ones who do more
listening than talking”

- Bernard Baruch
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Dear Zicklin Community,

Welcome to the last edition of the Dean’s E-Newsletter for this academic year. Hopefully these periodic communiqués keep you up to date on happenings here at the Zicklin School. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for future editions.

2009 – 2010 is an interesting time in New York, in the US and in the world. What is going on in the world economy is touching each of us in one way or another. What is happening in our environment is worrisome to everyone. But this too shall pass and we must continue to focus on how we can improve things for the future. What our students learn from us, and how we teach them; what we learn from our students, and how they enlighten us – these continue to be at the core of our mission.

There are exciting things going on here.

  • We were recently reaccredited by both AACSB and Middle States. My sincere thanks goes to Associate Deans Myung-Soo Lee and Phyllis Zadra for leading this effort and to each of you who worked so hard to make sure our documents and our presentations to both teams were the best they could be. And it was not just the documents, it was the continuous improvement over the last decade that led to our renaissance and provided our satisfying results.
  • Our students frequently engage in competitions – and we are proud of their accomplishments. You will read, in the BuZZ section of this newsletter, the results of our team at one recent competition. We are currently working on a new section of our web page to both highlight competitions, and to provide insights into how to prepare for one.
  • After years of work, the Zicklin Graduate Faculty recently approved a change to the MBA core curriculum. In the next year we will adjust some courses and prepare new ones for the new format. The results will be an MBA core that is current and that gives students more flexibility.
  • We are planning 3 summer institutes this year for our faculty – 1) Case Competitions 2) Distance and Hybrid Learning 3) Financial Services Partnership. More on these endeavors in our next edition.

In this issue of our E-Newsletter, you will read part 2 of a faculty profile begun in the last edition. You will also read about our study abroad program, and learn how a student arrived at Baruch by climbing over the mountains.

In our last newsletter we asked: “In the next 6 months who/what do you think will have the most influence on the American economy?” To see the results of that survey, click on the Previous Poll Question Results box below. Our new question is related to Baruch’s Sustainability. How GREEN are you?? Be sure to click on the Dean’s Quick Poll at the bottom of this page to let us know.

I hope the summer months treat you all well, whether you are vacationing, teaching or doing research; or perhaps a combination of all three.

Best regards,
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John A. Elliott
Dean, Zicklin School of Business

P.S. Please be sure to answer the “Dean’s Poll” question at the bottom of this page.
We will publish results in the next Dean’s Newsletter.
Program Spotlight
Program Spotlight
Baruch’s Study Abroad Programs
The relevance of globalization in our society is increasing dramatically and students with desire for more direct international exposure can benefit from the opportunities available at Baruch College through the Study Abroad Program.

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Student spotlight
Student Spotlight
Climb Every Mountain - From Kathmandu to Baruch
For frequent flyers the gradual descent into an airport from 35,000 feet is more of a technical feat than a matter of geography. For Upasana Basnyat, a current Flex-Time MBA student, traveling from her home in Kathmandu, Nepal to New York City is geography in the purist sense.

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Faculty & Staff Spotlight
Faculty Spotlight
An Interview with Professor Valerie Watnick – Part II
Part I of our conversation with Professor Valerie Watnick of Baruch’s Department of Law concluded with an insightful, experience-based plea to students not to fall prey to life’s distractions (namely, marriage, family and employment) and finish their education because, as she put it, “you never know where life is going to lead you.”

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What is the BuZZ
What’s the BuZZ

Welcome to the newest section of the Dean’s E-Newsletter. This section will clue you in on what’s going on with faculty, staff, and students. It will also introduce you to who’s new and where they are.

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